Food Inc Analysis

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After watching the movie, Food Inc, my beliefs have only strengthened regarding the importance of having a healthy food system. Throughout the film, acts such as retaining animals in bleak living domains, food engineering, and forcing feeding animals are constant. As a result of these operations, the food we consume from factory farms becomes contaminated, putting ourselves at risk of disease. However, there are countless ways to steer ourselves away from this hazard. The simplest way to start off is locally, right here in Boulder, by requesting/buying organic foods at the grocery stores or local farms. Having such system matters because It stresses and reinforces the ideal of trust between consumer and manufacturer. Thereby making a system…show more content…
After a little playground fun, you cruise over to McDonald's for lunch. You order a happy meal and joyfully watch him consume in happiness. Unfortunately, that burger was contaminated with E. Coli. The damage has already been done, sadly killing him in a matter of days. Such an event was displayed by Food Inc, a woman losing her 2 year old son in 12 days after consuming a hamburger. Diseases such as E. Coli are all a consequence of animals being kept in horrendous conditions. Considering there are only 13 slaughterhouses in the U.S. (Food Inc, 2009), contaminated meat mixing in with “healthy” beef, increases the chance of disease. Subsequently, due to the atrocious living habitat, factory animals walk on their excrement daily. If an animal is contaminated, disease will undoubtedly spread within the quarters. Another example of how diseases arise is corn, continually mentioned in the film. Scientists stated that 90% of the food products contain corn or a soybean ingredient (Food Inc, 2009). To merely rephrase, there isn't much variation with the foods we eat! Exhibited were numerous factory farms force feeding animals corn. When feeding corn to factory animals, it has the potential to evolve. Hence evident metamorphosis takes place, generating high risk. Even more so, a majority of companies drench meat with ammonia hydroxide (leads to food poisoning) to kill bacteria (Food Inc, 2009). Surely that…show more content…
Cruelty and its obstacles from these factories materialize simply because the general population is unaware to take action. Educating as many as you can on the matter is key. Tell your friends, family about the incompetent activity. Educate them on the mistreatment of animals. Use your economic power locally, especially here in Boulder. Avoid food from companies that don't stand for animal rights. Many fast food places that students rely on for nourishment, don't display such quality. Prioritize Organic food markets, elude from buying based on labels you in grocery stores. The average grocery store occupies 47,000 products (Food Inc, 2009), with an estimated 70% of those foods being genetically modified (Food Inc, 2009). I’d assume you wouldn't want to eat anything that's been altered, so have a clear conscience. Politically speaking, you can also make a stand. There are a lot of organized groups around Boulder who want to terminate factory farming. By signing petitions, leading/taking part in factory farm sanctuaries, you can signal to government sectors and companies that you mean
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