Food Inc, By Robert Kenner

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Since the beginning of time, food has had an enormous effect on our lives. Although this is true, the ways in which we obtain our food has changed greatly from the past to the present. Before all the supermarkets and fast food restaurants began popping up rapidly in past years, people would have to hunt their own food. Back then you would know exactly where you’re food was coming from because you were the one who obtained it. Today though, most people have no idea where their food came from. The object of food itself, is seen as yet another opportunity to make money to these companies instead of a simple necessity to human life. People have the right to know how their food is being processed and and being prepared. The methods of the food industry can clearly be seen as enigmatic, unacceptable, and immoral. In the film, Food Inc., Robert Kenner attempts to examine the production of meat, calling it “dishonest and environmentally and economically unbalanced.” Companies are beginning to hide how their food is prepared. Even though you may not even be eating fast food, you’re eating from a system developed to mainly benefit the fast food industry.(Food Inc.) The constant demand for more and more meat is leaving farmers in tons of debt. Instead of making sure that the food being produced is safe to eat, the company’s main focus is to make more money. They start making sacrifices to benefit themselves over the safety of the consumer. For instance, most farmers are required to
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