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FOOD INC.: An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry.

Movie Review by Markovist Wells

Professor Patrick Elliott
POLS 1101-511

Essay Question: In what ways does this movie demonstrate the “Iron Triangle” and its powerful influence in the manner that our government functions?

In the documentary Food Inc. The message is that the food industry does not want us to know about what we are eating. . This problem may be true however it is driven by the consumer’s continual interest in buying cheaper and cheaper products. The farmers way of life has been revolutionized. Modern farmers think faster, cheaper, bigger. It’s really not until when consumers demand
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This results in certain agricultural products being subsidized by taxpayers.
These powerful alliances requires the consumer to navigate through the confusing food environment and to pay close attention to nutritional facts, labels, and to carefully and consciously be mindful of advertisement of all sorts of media. For farmers, its a crippling business system that destroys their profession. For consumers, who do not make a conscious effort where they shop and what they eat subjects themselves to a lifestyle that can progressively lead to obesity and many other life threatening diseases. The politics of obesity and disease within the food industry is a public health concern. I do not in any way underestimate the power and influence within the federal government and the three sides of various congressional committees. We’ve never had food industries so powerful in our history These various congressional committees which fund government programs and operations and then provide oversight of them, and the federal agencies, often Independent agencies, which are responsible for the regulation of those affected industries and lastly, the industries themselves, as well as their trade associations and lobbying groups, which benefit, or seek benefit, from these operations and programs all play a vital role

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