Food Inc.: McDonald's

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A. McDonaldization of society- the process by which ordinary aspects of life are rationalized and efficiency comes to rule them, including such things as food preparation p. 173

The film introduces the concept of McDonaldization to the food companies. McDonalds first introduced this concept in the first fast food chain; the idea was to make the restaurant more efficient. In the 1930’s, McDonalds own a very successful chain of restaurants, but they McDonald brothers wanted to expand their brand; while doing this they would revolutionize the restaurant industry. They would hire employees to do only one just, such as cooking the fries, and this would be the only thing the employee would do all day at work. The purpose was to be able to get food out faster and hire workers for lower wages because of the small amount of responsibilities the worker would have. The restaurant would fire all the extra employees and simplify the menu, and then the first fast food restaurant would be born. The concept of McDonaldization spread to many other restaurants and is still in use today. The idea of McDonaldization also made its way to meat packing companies; the assembly line concept will be used. Employees do the same demeaning task all day, and their pay reflects the low level of creativity. Many other businesses have incorporated the idea of simplifying decisions and decreasing the time it takes to make a sale. Think about the mall, every store is laid out and organized in a manner where
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