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Semester Paper: Food, Inc.

“The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years, than in the previous 10,000.” - Michael Pollan, Food inc. This single statement paints a vivid picture in ones mind. Not only is the way we grow our food changing, but we are also changing our bodies. According to the documentary “Food, Inc” , in the 1950’s, it would take farmers about 68 days to fully grow a chicken. Now? It takes about 47 days to fully grow a chicken, and it is twice as big due to the fact that these chickens are injected with hormones. While this literally brings more food to the table, it might not be worth it in the long run.
There are many advantages as well as disadvantages that come with the industrialization of food. Using the
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I did not look at the price, and then when i went to check out, i was shocked at how much they cost. They were about $8.00. I bought them anyway and then i went back to see how much the normal potatoes cost, which was $3.00 . That is a huge difference. I am fortunate enough to be born into an upper middle class family, but what about those who aren’t? I know families in homeless shelters (i volunteer every year, Bergen County’s “Point-In-Time” in the homeless shelter in hackensack) who wish they could feed their children that was good for them but they cannot, simply because they cannot afford it. I might become a locavore in the future, when I'm able to live on my own and have my loans paid off.
In all, i feel that we, as americans should change something about what we eat. I feel that if we stop buying genetically modified food, then maybe someone will listen. Maybe, just maybe, farmers will hear our calls and answer them. I understand that this takes a lot of guts to do so and it may affect our pockets, but it may be worth it in the long run. Organic food is always healthier for us.

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