Food, Inc. : The American Food Industry

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Food, Inc.
The American food industry is a complicated field. There have been various attempts to investigate how the agribusinesses manage to produce food for such a large population. The companies involved in the industry have to resort to any means necessary to produce food that is enough to feed the population. The filmmaker, Robert Kenner, investigates the industry and the practices they undertake to produce food through a 2008 documentary titled Food, Inc (Lindenfeld 385). The film shows the immoral practices by the company that result in unhealthy food being produced and sold to unsuspecting customers. The practices also have a negative effect on the environment, the animals, and the workers employed by these firms. This article examines the film to establish some of the arguments made and the moral concerns raised.
The film depicts the American food industry as being controlled by companies that put profit above the environment and the natural world (Flowers and Swan 234). The ordinary American consumers prefer convenience and affordability when it comes to their food. To meet the needs of this market, the companies have to find ways of lowering their costs to maintain productivity. The goal of the food companies is to produce as much as they can using as little resources as possible. This helps to increase the revenue margins. In the process of achieving these revenue margins, the companies often resort to methods, which are harmful to the environment.
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