Food Industries Towards The Increase Of Health Concerns

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The Responds of Food Industries towards the Increase of Health Concerns by Food Reformulation to Reduce the “Bad” Nutrients in Processed Food Products

Over the past decade, the chronic diseases have become the important health issues in the worldwide. The recent data shows that the global burden of chronic diseases caused by overweight and obesity continues to rise in which its prevalence increase by 27.5% from 1980 to 2013 (Ng, M et al. 2014). The overconsumption of unhealthy dietary intake, such as sugar, salt, and fat is considered as one of main factors of chronic disease burden related weight gain (Crino et al. 2015; Dixon 2010). Crino et al. (2015) states that the changes in food supply related to the accessibility of highly processed and low-nutrient product provided by food manufactures are the key drivers of overweight and obesity occurrence in population. Such condition would lead to negative health impacts and the food manufactures and services are considered as a part of those problems.
Concerning various health issues related food consumption, government institutions and consumers have recognized the importance of making changes for the food manufacturing and service industries towards the content of their products. Increasing the attention that the foods and beverages consumed by people would lead to the prevention as well as causes of chronic diseases has forced public and private food sectors to make initiated efforts in improving dietary
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