Food Industry : A New Problem For Society

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Has anyone ever counted how many food advertisements people see in a day? Food industries compete to get customers ' attention with low prices and bigger portion. To sell as much as possible, they research customers ' needs and preferences and approach customers in that way. In fast food restaurants, customers make a long line to order, and while waiting, they watch many tempting advertisements about: how cheap, how big, and the latest menu. Environmental activist and cultural critic Wendel Berry claims that “food industries care more about amount and price than quality and human health” (39). His statement is true. As long as customers seek low prices and bigger portion, the food industry will continue to produce its products that consumers prefer. To lower their food prices, they produce more and more products to reduce the unit price; however, this overproduction creates a new problem for society. According to the website Feeding America, “every year, about 70 billion tons of food goes to waste in the United States”. Additionally, food companies degrade their food quality to keep the prices low. Even though people embrace cheap food, low nutritional values do not help human health. Unless customers realize the importance of food quality and their health, the food industry will continue to supply cheap dangerous food such as processed, dyed, and genetically modified. If people’s food preferences change from the appearance and low prices to the nutritious value, the food
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