Food Industry And Global Warming

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Food Industry and Global Warming Global Warming is a rising issue for all the creatures on the Earth. Scientists haven been discovering the reasons and solutions for the global environmental changes for decades. Also, because of the effort of the scientists and media, people got aware of the great impacts of green house effect. However, most people only know that global warming is caused by the industries, manufactures or transportations, and neglect another huge factor of the environment, the food industry, and to be specific, the livestock production. In this proposal, I will mainly introduce my topic which is “Food industry, livestock production, and global warming, develop the questions for my future assignments, discuss the importance of this topic, state the reasons why the topic is interesting, and share my personal experience related to the topic. In early 19th century, the first industrial revolution started, and the emission of CO2 increased for the combustion of fossil fuel, the building of transportation system, and land clearing. In 1859, a person called Tyndall discovered that infrared radiation was blocked by some gas, and suggested than climate changes would probably caused by the phenomenon ( “The discovery of ,” 2012). Later on, in 1896, a calculation about how emission of carbon dioxide leads to green house effect was published and global warming aggravated during world wars, and eventually US office of Naval Research started to devote money into
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