Food Industry And The Food System

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On any given day millions of people go and shop at a supermarket. Walking around a modern supermarket today there is an average of about 47,000 products. But somehow only a handful of food companies actually produce all of these products. According to the film, Food,Inc. our current system is not only severely hurtful to our nutrition but also to the consumers of food, and how these corporations are getting away with all of this wrongdoing. Today’s food system is nothing what is was fifty years ago, there aren’t animals or corn being raised on farms, they are factories that few corporations handle. Today many animals on a farm are fed corn feed especially chickens and cattle. Back In the day pigs, chickens, and cows were grass fed. But today it is very common for these farm animals to bed fed corn feed. Because of eating the corn instead of grass, the animals do not only grow twice as fast, but they are twice the size as if the animals ate grass. Economically feeding the animals would be a great idea, buy a small piece of land, and stuff it with chickens while feeding it corn. Many of us would see that as a gold mine, but there are other effects that could hurt the consumers. Grass-fed meat, milk, and eggs not only contain less total fat and less saturated fats than the same foods from grain-fed animals. The grain-fed animals also contain higher levels of omega-3s, or fatty acids. Although economically for farmers it is smarter to feed its animal’s corn because of how much

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