Food Intolerance Testing

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Can a simple blood test really unlock the secrets to your food sensitivities and help to empower you to loose weight? Some research suggests that the answer is yes. Nowadays many people show symptoms ranging from weight gain to memory deterioration that they attribute to eating food, which their body is intolerant to, research supports their beliefs. Many of these foods that people are intolerant to are common foods, such as juice, honey, bread, and corn syrup. Some research suggests that approximately 30% of the Caucasian population in American could be affected by food intolerance and not know it. This is because, unlike an allergy, food intolerance does not cause a life-threatening immune response, instead it triggers symptoms such as weight gain.…show more content…
With just a simple fingertip blood test, one can screen against 250 or more possible foods. Then a person can identify foods that could cause then to gain weight. By avoiding the identified foods, along with implementing a diet and exercise regime, they can use IgG food intolerance tests to overcome that plateau and jump-start their weight loss. Since IgG food intolerance tests detect an excess in a major class of immunoglobulins, continued testing can also help you track your progress, as the IgG levels in a person’s body change with their health. So, in short, the answer is yes, food intolerance testing and weight control can go hand in
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