Food Is A Fundamental Competent

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Food is a fundamental competent to all life. A balanced diet provides proper human development. Living a healthy lifestyle has become a trend in the United States since the election of Obama. The First Lady has challenged America; specially the youth, to get out, exercise, and stay healthy. Since healthy has become a trend many people look for all sorts of new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. For some picking up a vegetarian diet is a way of being healthy. According to the Vegetarianism in America study, published by Vegetarian Times, research shows that more than 7.3 million people in America follow a vegetarian-based diet. With more and more people choosing not to consume meat, the vegetarian market has grown a lot. Since vegetarianism and veganism have gone mainstream so has vegetarian food. As a vegetarian, it is important that one attains the proper nutrients that one misses from not consuming meat-based foods. One of the key components to a vegetarian diet is a vegetable named soybean, also known as the miracle bean. Soy products provide calcium, protein, iron, and many more nutrients. Since soybeans can be easily manipulated, they are used formed to be meat textured and flavored to imamate meat. Some of the main vegetarian brands and products like tofu, Boca products, and Morningstar products contain soybeans. Soybeans have become very mainstream and transformed the world of cropping.
Soybeans originated in Asia were they are important part to their diets,
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