Food Is Good By Anthony Bourdain

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Food Is Good
‘’Food Is Good’’ written by a chef, author, and food critic, Anthony Bourdain reflects on his childhood experiences and his passion for food. According to Bourdain, food has more meaning beyond being a substance. Food is filled with stories and power that can change a life. In the article, Bourdain reflected on his family vacation to Europe, which piqued his curiosity for food and started his passion.
To begin with, Bourdain first trip was to his father’s ancestral homeland, France. The Bourdain family summer vacation started from New York to France, traveling on the Queen Mary. The creamy soup filled with potatoes, vichyssoise, was Bourdain first indication that food was something other than a substance. It was the first food he enjoyed. It was more than a soup. It brought him out of his bubble to as fourth-grader whose previous idea of a soup is Campbell’s cream of tomato and chicken noodle soup.
Additionally, during his journey to France, he stayed with his relatives in the town of Cherbourg, an area in Normandy. He was largely unimpressed by the food. Bourdain mentioned, ‘’the butter tasted strangely cheesy to my undeveloped plate. The milk was undrinkable here’’ (Bourdain 96). Bourdain 's parent did their best so Anthony and his brother could enjoy their time and they took them to many restaurants. When they went to a restaurant Bourdain insisted, ‘’ I want shit! I want shit!’’ (Bourdain 96). He was being rude to the waiter and thought
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