Food Is The Highest Sign Of Igbo Hospitality

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Food is a main part of our daily life that brings our families together at least once a day to reconnect. It does not only keep us alive and functioning, but it helps us to learn and immerse ourselves into other cultures. Food can symbolize different things in a certain culture, such as a holiday or a celebration of some sort. An example is that on Jewish Passover each of the foods during the Seder meal have a specific meaning, and is eaten to help with the remembrance of certain events in their cultural history. Food can also show different cultures customs and their perceptions of what good manners are. In the Igbo culture, food is mentioned quite often, especially around times of celebration. It brings people together to share one common thing, their desire for delicious foods. The different food each have different meanings. Igbo people use their food to show gratitude, hospitality, and to express certain customs. For example, the Kola Nut is the highest sign of Igbo hospitality. But, receiving a Kola Nut was only a privilege for the men of the village, not the women. They would first bless the Kola Nut, then break it, and lastly distribute it. Another food that is mentioned quite a bit throughout Things Fall Apart and that has quite a significance is Palm wine. Palm wine is mostly mentioned whenever one of the main characters has someone inside their home, during times of celebration, and also during the time after Ikemefuna’s death. An example of when the palm wine
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