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Introduction Food Intake I was born to a father with the history of Diabetic mellitus and on my mother’s side; there is a history of High Blood Pressure. Although my father is not diabetic, my mother has been diagnosed with blood pressure. Blood pressure has been a steady disease in my household which has affected four out my five uncles. In 2010, after a seven year long battle with infertility, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure which I was given medication for and shortly thereafter, I had a son after my aggressive treatment. Ever since, I have always link most diseases with food intake and I strongly believe that my nutrition and my health work hand in hand. According to Grodner, Roth &Walkingshaw (2012),…show more content…
One of the functions of calcium is bone and tooth formation. My low intake of calcium will affect my bone and toot formation.
The chart shows that my activity level is zero and the targeted activity is 150 minutes . I walk 30minutes daily with a calorie burb of 102 which is considered a light intensity according to the super tracker; this does not count towards MIE minutes, although it is better than not exercising. During my week three, I changed my eating pattern after observing that my diet is not balanced, I also change my activity level to exercise 150 minutes per day and also maintained a 2200 calorie diet choosing the food that would be beneficial by using the super tracker . According to Grodner,Roth &Walkingshaw (2012), in the formula for the Body Mass Index (BMI) my height is 68 inches and my weight is 171 pounds and my BMI is 26 this indicates that I am over weight .With my height at 68 inches, my weight should be 158 pounds and my BMI should be 24 which would make me healthy. Creating a New Plan
My three worse dietary plans are eating fast food at least twice a week which contains less vitamin C with less fruits and vegetable, not eating food with enough calcium such as milk, fortified orange juice and fortified cereal. Lack of my food intake with little or less vitamin D has really hurt me greatly: these foods
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