Food Journey Analysis Essay

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Introduction Food Journey Analysis Daily nourishment is vital part to living a healthy life. In order for the daily consumption of foods to be effective they must be well balanced and in the right proportions. In addition to everyday nutritional needs, daily exercise is as equally important. Exercise and nutrition work together by the process of supply and demand. Nutrition supply's the body with the energy it needs in order for the body to continue working at at optimal level. Failure to maintain the proper balance between nutrients consumed and exercise expelled could result in weakness and even disease. In this paper I will analyze my personal dietary intake for two weeks, in an effort to better understand my nutritional profile;…show more content…
While my protein intake fail slightly below at 45 g of the recommended value of 46 g, my average calcium consumption was drastically low at 429 mg, which is less than half of the recommended amount of 1000 mg. However, I was not shocked to find that my consumption of fiber of 8 g fail way below the recommended amount of 25 g, especially with the recent bouts of constipation. In order to have balance in the body physical activity has been proven to be a necessity, however I fall short according to the recommended physical activity target of at least 150 minutes of activity such as brisk walking, or running or any activities that make the heart beat faster, and breathe harder. Although I walk daily, the frequency and intensity is not sufficient enough to gain the maximum benefits from exercise. Because I am already overweight, my lack of adequate exercise places me at a higher risk for diabetes, cancer or even a stroke. By increasing my daily activity level to above 2 mph for 30 minutes per day, will not only boost my energy, and help control my weight, but also combat health conditions and disease. (National Institutes of Health ) Creating a New Plan After close analysis of my dietary intake I learned that my worst dietary habits include coffee with excessive amounts of cream and sugar and
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