Food Justice And Food Retail

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All food should be available to all people. The concept of this is dwelled on in the article, “Food justice and Food retail in Los Angeles” by Mark Valliantos. Throughout the article, Valliantos maintains the notion that healthy food should be within everyone’s reach, yet inner cities are still suffering from shortages of fresh produce. To see this issue in action, Valliantos documented this reoccurring phenomenon in Los Angeles. The author gives a description of two areas within the city of Los Angeles, and how they are economically divided based on the amount of healthy produce one has at its disposal. He makes note of programs that already exist to help low income families receive healthy foods that they could not afford. He also addresses how new programs, if ever created, could be used to help this cause. Valliantos uses these programs, as a means to convince policy makers of the positive outcome the food industry would have just by making a few good changes. Valliantos is also able to shed light on this issue by describing the poor conditions of local super markets surrounding the low inner city areas, and the effect it has on the people living there. To persuade the reader of how important this situation is, the author uses ethos, pathos, and logos to help convince the audience that this situation needs immediate attention. The division line between the two areas within Los Angeles that can have limitless access to healthy produce is based off of Income. The higher…
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