Food Labeling : Revision Of The Nutrition And Diet Facts Labels

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Before revealing the details about the rule, an overview of the memo will be provided. This memo will describe the rule “Food Labeling: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels”, which was proposed by the Food and Drug Administration. The memo will be broken down into three different paragraphs. The first major point of the memo will be the background and the summary of the rule. The second point will be about the industries impacted by this rule and other important information about it, such as the most important changes of the rule. The third point will be an extended discussion of what affected companies/industries will have to do should this rule go into effect. Such allocation of the information will help to better understand the main points of the rule and how does it affect many companies.

POINT #1: Summary of the new “Food Labeling” rule

The 1990 amendments added a section to the FD and C Act, which says that food is considered misbranded unless its label has nutrition information for certain nutrients. To accomplish the 1990 amendments, FDA made some rules, which includes “Food Labeling: Mandatory Status of Nutrition Labeling and Nutrient Content Revision, Format for Nutrition Label” to modify how food should be labeled and what information should be presented on it. FDA published regulations for this rule, which were composed of how the food should be labeled and which nutrients and other important information should be displayed on the label. In…
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