Food Manufactures have Taken Over

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Gone were the days when industrialization was the prime origin and a new age of economic boom in our country. This was a period where factories were established, provision of jobs being vastly increased for Americans, big machines and buildings built to accommodate and the exploit the opportunity and moment at hand. Due to this sudden improvement, food manufactures being the primary industry and instrumental in their clever ways; developed a way to profit by reducing workers, encouraged unsanitary habits and unscrupulous ways which resulted as a disastrous blow to the public. This bad habit in the food industry (primarily the meat factories) in late 1800s to early 1900s aroused one of the most controversial novel (expose) “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair, and yet thrilling insight with details as to what was going on in the meat industry. Upton Sinclair describes the frightful and dangerous working conditions of one meat packing facility in Chicago, thus far these conditions were common to all facilities which led to laws that changed the bad patterns of these manufactures. Workers with peculiar diseases in the meat factory had no alternative, but to work in the poor condition due to the activities and establishments of production which showed no well-being for the employees and as to what they might be going through. The rise in the economy recommended the young, old, men and women to seek for jobs in the meat packing industry which had a vast employment rate.
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