Food Marketing Is Selling Unhealthy Food To Obese Children

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The food marketing is selling unhealthy foods to school boards and eventually being served to the children, but there has to be a way to stop and that is, that the school boards should buy more healthy foods. Food should not be seen as its cost but more as its quality, like unhealthy food is sold more than healthy foods.

The school boards serve unhealthier than healthy foods to children. As David Barboza said in his article,”20 percent of the nation's schools now offer brand-name fast food.” This statement made me realize that now there's more fast food sold into schools and served to the children. Usually some of the children who attend schools who serve fast foods have no choice, because they may just serve only unhealthy than healthy foods, since their serving only fast food. in another point of his article,” budget falls...profitable fast foods,” it may not be the school's fault for buying unhealthy foods, for the reason that they seem is affordable but it's usually unhealthy for the children, but for the decision that the schools are making may cause bad health to children, which can obtain obesity.
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back to Barboza's article he says,” the number of obese children, has more than twice that 16 percent.” if the children are being fed fast food every day, their chances of getting obesity is really high but it can be stopped if the school boards change the school's eating habits. Fast food too much healthy foods can cause a healthier child. in the finishing of Barboza's article he says,” been sued over marketing campaigns geared toward youth.” even if the kids are being served nasty food, the food companies won't change. This means that the school boards have to change to make a difference, and become a healthier environment for children. The kids may feel more secured of the food serving if the school board decides to make a change, and help be
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