Food Nation : The Dark Side Of The All American Meal

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HEALTH IMPLICATIONS OF PROCESSED FOODS TO HUMAN HEALTH Processed foods, refers to any deliberate alteration or modification of foodstuff before its availability for consumption. These alterations ranges from simple undertakings such as drying or freezing food for nutrients and freshness preservation to complex undertakings such as formulation of a frozen meal with the correct balance of ingredients and nutrients. Nowadays, processed foods have become a large part of the human food industry and this has been the case from the early 1950s in America. Over time, processed foods have been widely recognized by the society without questioning their effects on human health, on environment as well as ethical issues regarding human treatment of…show more content…
Despite these evidential reasons, it is evident that processed foods are associated with various health issues. In view of the unfolding evidences as mentioned above, this paper aims to demonstrate the potential health related effects of processed foods to human beings. First of all, Processed foods are high in sugar and fructose which negatively affects the human health. Evidently, processed foods are always loaded with excessive amount of sugars or the alternative - high fructose corn syrup. Schlosser points out that the majority of businesses in the fast food industry focus on “advertising fast food products to children” (Schlosser, 246). With the fancy and appealing advertisement, they avoid to acknowledge the facts that such foods pose major health risks as the promoted foods are high in fats and sugars. This affects human health in various ways. According to studies, excessive sugar in the body may lead to major threats and devastating effects in the human metabolism. For example, it can cause high triglycerides, insulin resistance, increased fat accumulation and increased levels of harmful cholesterol in the body. Also, the health effects of processed foods are evident in people’s daily lives, especially teenagers. Nowadays, more and more teens have become prone to heart-related conditions due to the increased accumulation of calories and fats in their bodies. This affects the blood vessels by constricting
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