Food Of A Food Desert

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Pedro Barrera Geography Matthew Piscelli November 19, 2014 Food Deserts One huge problem that the United States faces today are the large numbers of food deserts. A food desert, according to the United States department of Agriculture, is a neighborhood that has a difficult time getting quality and affordable food to their home. This means that people are not properly being fed and getting the nutrition needed for a healthy diet. The good quality food that is needed to maintain this balance is not near or affordable for the people living in these areas. Food deserts affect many people across the United States, especially those that are on the lower end of the social economic spectrum and live in rural areas. Many of these low-income families do not have the means to get to the supermarket and get the right products they need so they settle for lower quality but more cost efficient foods. A great example for a food desert would be the great city of Chicago who is ranked in the top two worst food deserts in the United State according to Food deserts primarily affect those who live in the rural areas and lower income neighborhoods. As stated by Daniel Block, there are social economic and demographic factors such as a low-income families, single parents and a low education level (Daniel Block 2005 page 1). Therefore the problem of a food deserts affect those with a low education level, single parent households and those with a low income. The lack of

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