Food Poverty

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My Opinion piece The rise in food prices has made it difficult for the average Joe to survive with their weekly income. Do you know what I can’t believe? Coca Cola is cheaper than milk! MILK! Milk is calcium which we need to grow big and strong as the television ads tell me. Firstly, foods prices are ridiculous, secondly, electricity bills are too expensive. But the most important part of poverty is, the number of homeless people living on the street is dramatically increasing each year! Personally, I think these are main factors why we should fix poverty in New Zealand. When I was a little girl, my mother would be able to afford many healthy foods. For example: plums, mangoes, watermelon, lamb roast, pork chops, many seafood dishes (which I hated!) and many other delicious foods. However, over the years it has become slimmer and slimmer on what we can afford to buy. . . fortunately, we are a family of three and mum is on the benefit, which gives an allowance of $150 a week. I can't imagine what it would be like for a family of five, six, or maybe eight. There is a lot of pressure on parents every week, they are expected to supply endless amount of food for their growing children. An estimate from New Zealand Statistics on average, a family that collectively earns money from different sources would have a total of $621 per week. Government funded support is almost half of that income, government support per week is $315. This could be the benefit for a single
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