Food Production Shortage : One Of The Planet 's Most Prominent Future Issues

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Food production shortage: one of the planet’s most prominent future issues. Today, most of the world’s agriculture and farming is able to keep up with the over seven billion people residing on Earth, but the future suggests problems. “The world is less than 40 years away from a food shortage that will have serious implications for people and governments, according to a top scientist at the U.S. Agency for International Development.” (Texas A&M AgriLife Communications). This hypothesis is based upon the exponential population growth that is occurring on Earth and that food production may not be able to supply people efficiently. As the problem of food production threatens the future, scientists search for a resolution. One solution…show more content…
For example, farmer Chris Huegerich’s father who grew corn. He decided to use GMO corn seeds over conventional corn seeds to boost production and profit, which it did, eliminating the costs of herbicides and insecticides. This would influence his son, Chris, to use the same technique. But as Chris evolved his own methods of agriculture, he began to discover the downsides of using GMO seeds. Initial effects of the GMO seeds were that they cost much more than the conventional seeds, (almost 150$ per bag). Additionally, the chemicals that needed to be used to maintain the GMOs also added to cost of using the new genetically engineered seeds. Not to mention the chemicals potentially damaged the soil and that the pests that were repelled by the new GMO seeds would adapt, eventually returning to add to more difficult problems (Modern Farmer). Genetically modified organisms also bring up the argument of labeling. This proposes that any product that has been genetically modified should be labeled. These labels would cost millions to add to products, which can negatively effect the economy. Furthermore, GMO plant and animal farming effects developing countries and their new farmers. Because the GMO business is growing so rapidly and the dependence on genetically engineered seeds and products are increasing, developing conventional farming societies who cannot afford these expensive seeds and chemicals can ruin their chances of creating an effective business and economy. According

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