Food Products And Its Effects On The Context

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The significance of these factors, like many things, are dependent on the context. The US currently practices a “no-tolerance” policy regarding the presence of Listeria in food products, but other countries may differ, and for good reason. The true disease-causing impact of a given level of contamination will depend on several other factors including the highest dose ingested within a product, the cooking of the product on the consumer side, the serotype of bacteria, age, and the presence of an immunocompromised state. The serotypes found in France show that there is at least potential for disease-causing serotypes to escape common disinfecting procedures and thus to be available to continue contaminating meat, but the frequency of this…show more content…
In addition, more lenient standards given for those products containing certain concentrations of nitrite. Over several modelling experiments, the FSIS-suggested 7 hour cooling limit is likely to prevent the 1-log growth in Clostridium desired to prevent illness, but following less stringent standards is less likely to do so [13]. On the other hand, the less stringent cooling requirements for nitrate-containing products seems justified, with various nitrate-containing products sustaining much longer cooling times without Clostridium growth. It should be noted, however, that many of these studies, due to the need for standardizing experimental procedures, may not have mimicked food processing completely accurately [18] [19]. As with Listeria, the danger of Clostridium growth lies partially in whether the subspecies of Clostridium is a disease-causing subtype, often denoted with positivity of the cpe gene. In a sample of 131 retail foods published by Lin and Labbe, 40 isolates of C. perfringens were found (though not all of them were in meat products. However, on further testing, none of them were cpe+. The authors note that Clostridium does not reliably sporulate in vitro, however, and since this activity is required for cpe gene expression, there was a possibility for false negativity within their study. However, the authors point out
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