Food Products At His Local Wal Mart

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Bob examines two similar food products at his local Wal-Mart. The only difference between them is on their label. “Natural” and “Genetically Modified.” Bob, like many other people, instinctively chooses the natural option. Michael Le Page declares in his article “Wrong-Headed Victory,” that he would do the same as Bob. He does not think it should be that way though. Through his article, he effectively describes how to overcome the opposition of genetically modified food, and not through the removal of labels. Page’s article starts by describing an ideal world, where in which people could always choose if they wanted to consume genetically modified food products or not. He then argues that this is not a perfect and ideal world, where billions of people are starving because there is not enough food. He also says that this number will continue to grow as the earth’s population continues to grow and farming becomes more expensive. He then claims that farming is contributing to global warming and the world needs a more efficient production of food. Page enlightens the reader that we already know how to accomplish that task. One of the problems is that the poorer countries do not have the money to afford these better crops. Another issue is the resistance to genetically modified food. Page then argues that the lines are becoming more blurred between genetic engineering and conventional breeding, and that intentionally improving the DNA of crops is more practical than breeding two

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