Food Products Of The United States

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The average Joe living in the United States has one of the lowest percentages of his annual income going towards purchasing food every year. Much of this is the result of increased efficiency in producing a mass amount of goods. Food products that have resulted from these alterations are processed. From packaging, to freezing, to salting, there exists a myriad of “processes” that many processed foods have undergone due to health safety or convenience. Corn, one of most large-scale grown crops in the United States, is incentivized from the beginning of production to be cheap and affordable as a processed good. Government policies passed by the efforts of Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture under President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, opened the economy to a new form of farming which increased the output of crops available in the market but at a cheaper price due to the large supply (Philpott 2008). As a result, corn became one of the most used products in the food processing industry and one of the most heavily used ingredients in processed products available for consumption. In terms of maximizing supply and minimizing costs, Earl Butz’s government policies allowed a greater supply of processed goods like corn to be more affordable to the entire country. Government policies have always played a big role in the cost and availability of food. A branch of government known as the USDA, U.S. Department of Agriculture, has been a big factor in determining the cost of food for…
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