Food Protection Pl Essential For Food Safety

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A food protection plan is essential in todays fast pace world, where globalization and international trade and improved means of transport has served to distribute food around the globe, even to remote regions in the shortest possible time. The significance of this trend is that food prepared by a few can pose a threat to many people, if it is not prepared under proper sanitary conditions and hygienic practices. It is imperative that food manufacturers, processors, distributors, and all food related stakeholders develop a food protection plan to safe guard themselves from lawsuits and to be able to show that their food products are safe for human consumption. It is the duty of the state to develop their own food safety plans and work together with all food related stakeholders to ensure compliance. Key words: food protection plan, food safety, health and safety.

A food protection plan is essential for food safety and should cover all food and food related entities from "farm to fork." We live in a fast pace world, and in order to protect consumers and the general public from undue health risks, a well thought out and efficiently working food protection plan are required to protect the public health.

What is a food protection plan?
A food protection plan is a purposed strategy to eliminate, reduce or control food-borne hazards and to achieve a safe food supply from "farm to fork."

Who benefits from a food protection plan?
A food protection plan
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