Food Pyramid Research Paper

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Late eighties, Food Guide Pyramid's process began by the United States Department of Agriculture. They introduced it in 1992. The guideline was based on bread, cereal, rice, and pasta. And they added a plenty of low-fat foods in the guideline caused on decreasing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. And companies reengineered products to low-fat and fat-free. Unfortunately, following diet has not helped us to lose weight or decrease disease.

A fat we carry around has useful functions. It stores energy for future use, produces important chemicals, builds cell membranes and neutral structures, provides padding, insulates against cold, supplies fuel, and supports your immune system. Fat provides a highly-concentrated
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We cannot get essential fatty acids from low-fat foods which are omega-3s and omega-6s. They play roles in mood and behavior. In studying the effects of a low-fat diet on macaque monkeys, scientist discovered that such diets promoted antisocial behavior. They fed one group of monkeys with a luxury diet enriched with fats and other groups of monkeys with low-fat foods. The researchers discovered that fat-eating group groomed each other more often and spent more time within touching distance than low-fat group. Also high-fat diet seems to make monkeys friendlier. In observing the antisocial behavior of the low-fat group, researchers theorized that perhaps a low-fat diets affects fats in the brain, thereby altering production of serotonin, and the brain messenger molecule. A lack of serotonin is known to cause aggression. Another research that reported in the British Journal of Nutrition, January 1998, researchers tested humans in a similar way. They chose twenty healthy male and female volunteers, half of whom were put on a 41 percent fat diet and other half were put on a 25 percent fat diet. After four weeks, they switched to low fat and vice versa. (All meals were prepared at the University conducting the study.) Result showed that anger, hostility, and depression declined slightly during the high-fat period, but increased during the low-fat period-- significantly, where anger and hostility were concerned. Researchers took…show more content…
Results were low-fat diet and food are not healthy trend. Why is low-fat foods still popular? We have believed low-fat food is healthy for us for twenty years because of the advertisement of the low-fat foods such as Food Guide Pyramid and other advertisement from companies. Also it seems like we are targeted by Fast Food Industries because low-fat is much chipper than natural fats. Moreover, the guideline effected harm. Instead of becoming healthier, people became fatter, and heart disease continued to climb along with Type 2 diabetes. They replaced meats and fats with carbohydrates (including sugars, such as table sugar and corn syrup; starchy foods such as potatoes and rice; foods made with grains). Mainly, avoid a fat means added sugar, salt, and refined grains more than normal portion. Beginning in the early eighties, the incidence of obesity started rising sharply, along with Type 2 diabetes. According to Place at the Table, "One in three children born with type 2
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