Food Recall Analysis

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The subject in the Food Recall project is lacking in many food groups as listed on Choose ( (United States Department of Agriculture, 2017). Although some dairy and protein foods are present, there are other food groups missing that are required for a balanced meal to stay healthy. There are little amounts of fruits and vegetables present to fulfill all food groups. Although Doritos may seem like a grain, the grain category is also missing from this diet. A healthy diet should be consisted and maintain with a balanced number of macronutrients and micronutrients, a variety and amount of servings coming from the dairy, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. These amounts and variety not only come from solid foods, but they also…show more content…
Will they be lacking in anything or exceeding nutrient needs for anything? This includes both macro- and micronutrients. As of now, it appears the subject is not lacking from the macronutrients which include carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and water. It looks as if the subject has plenty of carbohydrates found in the amount of sodas and beer consumed in a day, however, it will be shown later in this project, this is not true. Lipids, normally found in nuts, meats, oils, and many processed foods (Zimmerman & Snow, n.d.), seem to appear in the subject’s diet as well as the proteins listed in the diet found in the Snickers candy bar and the sardines. However, based on the diet given, there are low amounts of good carbohydrates and water. The micronutrients are nutrients found in minerals and vitamins, help the functions of the body (Zimmerman & Snow, n.d.). Although these nutrients are needed in smaller amounts, it is better to have them come directly from food than from supplements. The subject was not asked if supplements were a part of the daily intake. One would hope after evaluating this menu of meals and snacks. The specimen may feel as though the diet is “healthy.” However, it will be obvious by the end of this project, the diet is not at all
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