Food Reflection

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Before this semester, I did not take in consideration what I want to eat for healthy purposes, but rather eating any foods that I like without thinking about how it can affect my health, or buy from the supermarket and eating from my mom’s cooked meals. Then as I read the articles, it changed my opinion of food because I learned that it plays an important role in my life such as health and fitness, impacts my daily functions for school and a job because it helps me concentrate and gives me energy to do work. In the article, “Eating Made Simple” by Marion Nestle, she mentions about health and nutrition. Nestle argues that some basic dietary principles are not open in discussion such as eating less, moving more; consumption of fruits,…show more content…
“Passive consumers” are usually uncritical and dependent of their food consumption, meaning that they will depend mostly on the food industry since it’s food that is already prepared. When she says, “They think of food as an agricultural product, perhaps, but they do not think of themselves as participants in agriculture,” (Berry 1). Berry believes that people have lost the connection with food. She also mentions, “The pleasure of eating should be an extensive pleasure, not that of the mere gourmet. People who know the garden in which their vegetables have grown and know that the garden is healthy and remember the beauty of the growing plants;...” she conveys that a memory involving yourself with food can be one of the pleasures of eating. This quote has changed my opinion because it made me realize that taking the effort to grow a garden of fruits and vegetables is more valuable than buying industrial food that is readily available for me. In the past, I liked to eat fast food such as McDonald’s because it’s readily accessible for me, cheaper to buy, and I don’t have to cook food from the supermarket by myself. After I read the article “What We Eat” by Eric Schlosser, it change my mind for eating fast food. Schlosser argues that fast food consumption has been a part of people’s lives as well as many other countries in the world. This corresponds to the main idea about fast food industry and how it progresses in the US.

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