Food Retail Industry Analysis

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Retailing is one of the most important in every Western European Country. Historically

retailing has been viewed as the sale of goods to the consumer trough retail shops, but

retail today should be viewed as being rather broader. Theories of retail change

summarize forms of retail change, that involve three theories of retail change to explain,

1) natural selection in retailing, which is best adjust to their environment, are most likely

to survive. The major environmental factors affecting retailing are, a) Retail changes in

the consumer character, which is like population changes. b) Retail changes in

technology, e.g. use of motorcars. c) Retail changes in competition, e.g. changes in the
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In an

effort to better serve the needs of those consumers unable to patronize the existing retail

institutions, either because of their distance from the stores or their lack of time to buy in

person, the mail order began to attract attention. In the late nineteenth century, little was

available to the mail order customer. Extensive catalogs, which since then have enjoyed

great popularity, were prepared and sent to customers, and the mail order became an

important format of Grocery.

In Grocery Retail Industry, retailer will continue to adopt new technologies. By the 2008,

some retailer may have turned their marketing techniques towards non-store retail

technology. They will provide sale service to customers through teleshopping.

Teleshopping is a system by which consumers a purchase they¡¯re shopping from home

via a television or microcomputer connected by telephone cable or satellite to an

information database. Such a system allows consumers to interact with the database and

both to send and to receive data. Teleshopping involves heavy investment in new

technology; more consumers are potential users of home shopping services under

particular circumstances. In addition, retailers also provide convenient payment service to

consumers. People can use a credit or debit card scheme to buy goods, and then the goods being delivered to their
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