Food, Safety, And Justice For All

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Food, Safety, and Justice for All
Americans today tend to have confidence that the food they consume is healthy and safe; however, the reality of what really goes on in the food industry proves something completely different. A glimpse of this awakening reality was revealed when award-winning journalist, Tracie McMillan embarked on a mission to discover the actuality of the American Food Industry. She managed to find three jobs related to the food commerce: First she picked crops, next she stocked and sold produce, and finally she helped prepare food for Applebee’s. What stood out the most in her motivating journey, was that food safety policy was not incorporated in to any of her employment trainings. Food safety policies are very important to the food industry. The Government created the policies in place for a reason: the safety of consumers. Corporations should not overlook the necessity of properly training their employees by providing food safety policies to them. For this reason the United States Government should enforce stricter audit laws to make sure employers are properly preparing their employees to enter the workforce.
Every man, woman, and child who visit a restaurant should feel at ease that the food they consume will be harmless. Americans are entitled to secure food products by the policies that the Government put in place. But, food safety is not being provided by companies to their employees. McMillan asserts that while working at Applebee’s for two…

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