Food Safety And Security : Usda And Fda

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Food Safety and Security: USDA and FDA
The USDA and FDA have been resources for the United States of America to turn to in regards to policies and procedures dealing with food safety and security. In this report you will find the histories of the USDA and FDA, how humans, animals and the environment are benefited by these organizations and new policies that the USDA and FDA have released recently.
Historical Background • Up until the mid-1800’s people 's main concern when it came to food was if they had enough of it (Parcell & Lamme, 2012). Food safety agencies have transformed greatly from their initial implementation; formally beginning in 1839 with Agricultural Division of the U.S. Patent Office which later in 1862 was converted into the U.S. Department of Agriculture by President Abraham Lincoln (All Gov, 2015). At the time of development its main focus was on agriculture advancement and development (All Gov, 2015). The 1800’s also was a time of industrial growth and development in the country and the world. With the various milestones in industrialization came new concerns about potential hazards, for example the constructions of the railroads, refrigerated cars and electricity and processing factories. The expansion of the railways enabled the transport meat products to various regions at of the country and surrounding areas (FSIS, n.d.). Before this the meat that was consumed depended on the region, pork was more common in the south were…
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