Food Safety: Clean, Safety, and Healthy

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Recognition of Bess or “Clean, Safety and Healthy” has been enforced to all food premises trader in Malaysia in 2012 and currently regulated under the enforcement of Food Safety and Quality Department, Ministry of Health and Nutritional Department, Public Health Office, Ministry of Health in which it is fully supported by several related agencies such as Ministry of Domestic Trades, Co-Operatives and Consumerisms (KPDNKK), local authorities, Agricultural Department, FAMA, and Islamic Religion Department etc. This recognition program is an effective effort that has been implemented by the Ministry of Health in order to encourage all food premises trader in the country to provide and sell the food which must guaranteed to be …show more content…
Some description that applied under Food Act 1983 must be identified by all parties that involved in the food industries. For example, according to Section 2, Food Act 1983, food is defined as “every goods which is manufactured, sold or provide an impression to be used as foods or drinks for human consumption, or it is used in the mixture, preparation, preservation, of any foods or drinks and involved sweets, chewing substances and any ingredients used for any foods, drinks, sweets or chewing substances”. Meanwhile, the interpretation for food premises under Section 2 of Food Act 1983 is stated as “any premises which used for or pertains with preparing, preservation, packaging, storage, remittance, distribution or sale of any kind of foods, or relabeling, reprocessing or reconditioning of any kind of foods.” Finally, Food Regulations 1985 with amendments in the year of 2009 has been enforced under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Health in accordance to Section 34, Food Act 1983. Under Section 34 of Food Act 1983, the Minister of Health has his own authorities and rights to issuing, prescribes and enforces

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