Food Safety Is Extremely Severe Worldwide

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Food Safety in China
Food safety tends to be a hot topic in Food safety these years. Though the meaning is similar, different from food security, food safety concentrates more on health aspects rather than sufficiency. So what is food safety? “Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness.” (AmercianPeanutCouncil, 2014) This prevents civils from severe health hazards and in this way is the food safety similar to the definition of food defense.
I collected data from different websites and summarized them in a chart. Here is the performance of countries based on their 2015 food safety score. (Charlebois, 2014) Based on this chart, China ranks 42 in the whole world. It’s clear that the situation of China’s food safety is extremely severe worldwide. The cause of the food safety problem is intricate; however, before I explain the complex cause of food safety in China, I’d like to illustrate the phenomenon of China’s food safety problem which will definitely promote the comprehensibility of the causes of food safety problems.
People from different fields hold different views upon food safety phenomenon. One of the directors of Asia Institute Yan stated that Food-safety problems constituted a new, urgent, and multifaceted challenge to Chinese people, society, and the state, involving a number of social, political, and Beck 's theory of risk society. (2012) Food safety problems affect Chinese
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