Food Safety Management Systems

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Part 1 '' Food Safety and the Law. Food safety management procedures Guests choose a restaurant because they trust and believe that the establishment shall always fulfill their demands and expectations both the expressed and unexpressed expectations. They trust that the food cooked in the restaurant is safe to eat and will not make them sick after eating. Providing customers with safe food is not only important for the success of a business but also mandatory by law. A Food safety Management Program which is intended to prevent food poisoning by following safe food preparation practices; this involves taking measures necessary to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of food during purchasing, receiving, storing, cooking,…show more content…
In the UK, The Food Safety Act (1990) (FSA) Act incorporates most of the previous Food Safety Regulations. It is ‘enabling’ legislation, allowing for the making of new regulations, modifications of existing regulations and the adoption of European Law. It has enabled subsequent regulations to be introduced, e.g. Food Premises (Registrations) Regulations 1991, Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995, Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995 and Food Labeling Regulations1996. 0102. The FSA (1990) is the overarching food safety legislation in England, Wales and Scotland. It introduced a number of features for the enforcement of food hygiene and Enabled subsequent regulations to be introduced. 0103. There are a number of offences under the Act: a. Selling food that is not of the nature, substance or quality demanded by the purchaser. b. Falsely describing, advertising or presenting food. c. Rendering food injurious to health. d. Selling food that does not comply with food safety requirements. This is food that has been rendered injurious to health (e.g. through contamination with food poisoning organisms) or which is unfit for human consumption. 0104. The definition of selling food includes food that is offered, displayed, advertised by and / or in possession of and is in the food business. FOOD SAFETY (GENERAL FOOD HYGIENE) REGULATIONS 1995 0105. The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene)
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