Food Safety : The United States

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Marafernanda Talamantes Mrs. Martinez English 3 April 8, 2016 Food Safety The United States has the safest food distribution in the world, but regardless of it being the safest country, there are still thousands of deaths per year due to food contamination. Did you know the United States government wants to get involved with the USDA and the FDA to make it a safer country for society all across the country? “The central external force driving change is the dramatic expansion in the global scale and complexity of the food system. Hundreds of thousands of growers and processors worldwide are producing food for the U.S. market, using increasingly diverse and complicated processes, managing complex and extended supply chains, and making millions of decisions every day that affect food safety” (Source 1). The United States government would like to move some differences of food safety into the 21st century to assure that there are less deaths per year, feeling like they should police the food distribution in the country. The United States government says that “Fatal outbreaks of food-borne illnesses are still far too common, and the industrialization of agriculture and increase in food imports require sweeping changes to food regulations.”(Source 1). The United States government wants to switch up many ways in food safety to have less deaths per year. United States government getting involved in food safety will not only make the United States a safer country, but will also
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