Essay Food Secuirty and Malnutition in the World

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The growing population of over seven billion has caused many people to worry about food security and malnutrition. Currently, there is enough food to feed everyone in the world but equal distribution is a major problem. However, with the growing population food security will become an increasingly significant problem because there will not be enough food for everyone. Likewise, as more countries are starting to develop, their dietary need and demand for better food increases. Developing countries such as China and India have increased their demand for products such as eggs, milk, and meat, which take a toll on the environment. The growing population and the increased need for different types of foods have led to a greater use of modern …show more content…

These deficiencies are the result of malnourishment can have detrimental effects on one’s health. Children are the most likely to suffer from malnutrition and it causes “nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five - 3.1 million children each year.” These nutritional and health problems that occur because of food inequality are only set to worsen because of the rising worry of food insecurity due to environmental problems. In an attempt to meet, the dietary needs of the growing population farmers have opted to use more modern agriculture techniques. According to the United Nations the world’s population in 2050 will reach 9.6 billion people. These new practices give farmers more crops but at the cost of sustainability and the environment. The use of pesticides, fertilizers and fossil fuels have had negative effects on the environment as food producers attempt to produce enough food to feed a growing world population. One significant obstacle for farmers in “increasing food production will be climate change, which is predicted to reduce crop yields.” Climate change is significant because it can lessen food productivity making it difficult to supply enough food for the increasing population. Agriculture is one the “largest employment sector in most developing countries and international agriculture agreements are crucial to a country's food security.” Therefore,

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