Food Service

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Food Service: A Growing Industry 1 Categories of Food Service 2 Catering and Food Delivery Services 3 Hygiene and Sanitation 9 Design and Layout of the Dining 12 And Working Area Principles of Quantity Cooking 15 Planning Menu 21 Capital Requirements, Food Costing and Pricing 24 And Control of Expenses Promotion and Networking 31 Annex 1 Table 1.1 Suggested portion serving for fruits and vegetables 33 Table 1.2 Suggested serving size for vegetables 34 Table 1.3…show more content…
Servers and waiters are hired and paid per function or occasion. Kinds of Catering Services 1. Full Catering. In this type of service, the caterer serves the food, prepares and manages all details of the occasion. This includes the provision of equipment, utensils/wares that will be used, decoration of the venue, table setting, and serving and clean up of the equipment used. 2. Partial Catering. This is almost the same as the full catering. The only difference is that a partial catering serves only a part of the entire menu. Other dishes maybe cooked or served by the client himself or by another caterer. The caterer only does the arrangement of the venue and food servicing. 3. Service Only. The client is the one who prepares the food. The caterer only takes of arranging the venues and is in charge of the food service. This may include the provision of entertainment like song and dance number and games, giveaways or souvenirs for the guest. Utensils, Wares and Equipment Used in Catering Catering does not immediately require a big capital. One may start as a home-based venture for as long as the kitchen space is big and clean enough for cooking varied dishes. However, a complete set of utensils, wares and equipment are needed to start the business. Below are some of the basic utensils needed: •
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