Food Services And Menus At Clark Memorial Hospital

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Food Services and Menus

Clark Memorial Hospital, located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, supplies many jobs to many people. The backbone of the hospital is the Food and Nutrition Department. Within this department there are several jobs, including; cooks, dishwashers, managers, and catering associates. The duties of a catering associate are:
• To take food orders from patient.
• To make the trays and
• To take the trays back to the patient

There are more little jobs that the catering associates must perform. They must know all the diets, do their cleaning jobs within the kitchen, and ensure that all their patients are happy. Like any working system, some things can slip right through the cracks. The major problem within the
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Not only is the Food and Nutrition Department losing money from wasting food, it is also losing money from using menus only one time and then throwing them away. Each menu costs 75 cents and that money adds up pretty quickly. For example, if the hospital were to obtain 30 new patients a day, that adds up to $22.50 per day. That amount of money doesn’t seem like too much for a days’ expenses, but after a month’s time that adds up to $697.50. So, approximately, the hospital would be spending around $8,212.50 per year on menus. That money could easily be utilized for a different issue or concern within the department. Wasting money is a big problem, yet it is not the only one; wasting the catering associate’s time is another. Catering associates only have about two minutes to spend in a patient’s room. That may seem like plenty of time to get an order and move on to the next patient. However, by the time the caterer describes the menu, diet, and the Always Available Menu, by the time the patients decide what they want, it is time to for the catering associate to move on. There is very little time to search for a menu and describe the process of ordering. Therefore, this leads to confusion for patients. Of course, the confusion of patients will always be a never-ending battle because patients are clearly not in a very healthy state and might not be thinking clearly. On the other hand, it is important to explain the menu anyway
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