Food Stamp History

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The first idea for a Food Stamp Program came from Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace and Administrator Milo Perkins. The program worked by people buying $1 stamps towards their food and then receiving stamps in return worth 50 cents for every $1 bought. Similar to today the 50 cent stamps could only be used to purchase certain foods that had been chosen by the Department as surplus to need. At the height of its use there were some 4 million people using Food Stamps and over the first four years nearly 20 million people, this cost $262 million (USDA, 2014). The program was brought to an end when there was no longer the food surpluses and unemployemnt that had been seen. During the next twenty years many similar proposals and research took place until September…show more content…
The Secretary of Agriculture authorized a food stamp system until 1962. It was however, never used until President Kennedy in 1961 began the food stamp pilot program. It too would be built around the idea that you could buy food stamps but the use of them for surplus food only was taken away. By January 1964 the program had expanded from just eight areas to forty three in twenty two states with 380,000 people participating (USDA, 2014). The program was made permanent and became under Congressional control and
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