Food Stamps, And There Importance Within Society. Food

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Food stamps, and there importance within society Food stamps or other words known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP play a critical part in today’s society. More than 46 million American’s rely on food stamps to get through their everyday life. This program kept 4.9 million people out of poverty in 2012 not to mention the over 2 million kids. Food stamps are a voucher from the government for those on low income, exchangeable for food. Many families that have a large number of members, families that only have one single parent responsible for the entire income, or even the disabled which are unable to work rely heavily on this service just to keep food on the table. Furthermore, this is why this…show more content…
To support the farmers, the Federal government bought farm commodities at a discounted price and distributed them among hunger relief agencies in states and local communities. The first Food stamp was issued in 1939 called the “Food Stamps Plan,” was implemented in 1939 under the reign of Franklin D. Roosevelt as a variable of his New Deal program. Food assistance was made available to low-income individuals through the purchase of food stamps. Citizens in the program bought booklets of orange stamps to buy food and household items like starch, and soap but the stamps could not be used to buy alcohol, tobacco or foods eaten at stores. For every $1 in orange stamps, an additional $0.50 of blue stamps was given to people. Blue stamps could be used to buy foods in the grocery store including dry beans, flour, corn meal, eggs and fresh vegetables. Participants were required to buy the stamps so that money allocated for food purchases would not be spent on items that are not food. The program ended in 1943, as World War II and the economic boom significantly decreased the number of people living in poverty in the United States. Although in 1961 the Food Stamp program was re-introduced by President John F. Kennedy but tampered a little by eliminating the idea of stamps for surplus foods. Fast forward to 1977 and major changes to the food stamp act were made like restricted access to
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