Food Stamps and Junk Food

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What do you mostly spend your money on?
Thesis: Mostly everyone spends their money on junk food and clothes.

Most teenagers that are attending high school have jobs. Like I said most teens! They are either working because they believe that having their own money will prevent them from asking their parents for any type of financial help for anything. Most teens start work at fast-foods places, shoe stores and retail jobs. Once they get that bi-weekly check my question to you is what do you spend your check on?

Personally I have friends that have jobs and cars. We have our days during lunch where we choose to go out to eat and we enjoy it well. We never have to pay for each other unless someone is one dollar or two dollars short. I always end up catching myself when I ask my friends what do you spend your check on and I get the same answer from everyone when we are out together as a group. We spend our money on food. Not just no any kind of food, JUNK FOOD!

Junk food is also another word for fatty foods or in other words known as foods that contain high levels of calories from sugar or fat and very little protein. Junk food does all harm to your health so its important to cut down just a little on the junk food. Here’s an example of a student bank statement online showing you that they spend money on clothes, shoes and junk food!

Nutrition experts have researched the bad effects of junk food and come to the conclusion that junk food manufacturing
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