Food Sustainability

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Consumption of food has been recognised as a key sustainability issue, due to both food wastage and overconsumption of food. This can be clearly observed in the United Nations, where the Food and Agriculture Organisation is calling for change in the food and agriculture sector to adapt a more sustainable approach. Consumers, businesses, and governments all have significant roles to play in moving forward to address sustainability issues, in relation to food. It is an imperative for consumers to first take note of their own impact towards food sustainability and to address whether there are steps they can take in their own lives to diminish both food wastage and overconsumption. Issues such as overconsumption are in large, due to the excess demand for food by consumers and can thus, be addressed by consumers individually if the will is there. Businesses have an imperative to set sustainability goals and to ensure that sustainability is a key issue that is addressed within all corporations.…show more content…
The government has an imperative to ensure that businesses are pushed towards practicing ethically and sustainably from the farms all the way to the consumer. The government should use law and policy to manage business practices. Finally, there are a shared imperative that all stakeholders should pursue. For now, perhaps the most important goal for food sustainability is awareness. Awareness of the issue will allow for both discussion of the issue as well as a push for action from society. If food sustainability is generally agreed upon as an issue in society, then steps can be made from all parties to best address the
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