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Content: Food Technology Stage 6 HSC Course Core 1: The Australian Food Industry
Sectors of the food industry * Sectors of the agri-food chain in the Aus food industry, including agriculture + fisheries, food processing/manufacturing, food service + catering, food retail

Australian food industry (AFI) includes organized production, processing, storage + marketing of food products. Aus is a continent that experiences many diff climates ranging from northern tropical areas through arid enviros + high rainfall coastal regions. Due to the diversity of our enviro, we can produce a range of raw materials, resulting in a variety of readily
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Chicken is most popular meat among consumer, then beef (average Aussie consuming 35.6kgof beef a yr). Aus consumers are favoring healthier cuts that are lower in fat, farmers have responded to this trend by delivering products such as lean pork + lean beef.
To promote the consump of red meat, Meat + Livestock Aus (MLA) used a number of campaigns (based on slogans, ‘Kids Love Beef’, ‘We Love Our Lamb’, ‘Read Meat. We Were Meant To Eat It.’) from 1998 – 07 consumer spending on domestic red meat grew from 4.9bill – 8.1bill (65% increase). -Fisheries are also a part of AFC + include commercial catching of fish or any aquatic species. Industrial fisheries catch fish that are destined for products such as fish oil + fish fertilizer for gardens, rather than consumption. Aquaculture is an area growing in popularity + involves cultivating + harvesting aquatic plants (seaweed, marine algae) or animals (clams, oysters, salmon). -Developments in agri+fish sector -growth in exports, espec fresh tropical fruit, fresh chilled meat + seafood to asia, espec Japan of Blue Fin Tuna. Export growth due to: -Globalisation -Free trade gov -Gov initiatives to encourage trade + investments -Combined gov/industry campaign to promote Aus as a ‘clean grren’ quality food supplier -Increase in agri business as smaller farms have been taken over by large companies which increased mechnisation + increased production efficiency, but

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