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Food Technology Conference
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The branch of science in which food science is used for manufacturing and preservation of food products is known as food technology. It is basically the study of physical, chemical and microbiological composition of the food. According to the rules and regulations given by the government, the food is processed, preserved, packaged and stored. A large variety of food products is manufactured by the food processing industry which includes primary food material like rice and wheat products, oil, sugar and pulses. They are processed to convert into edible form. The various branches of food technology are:
• Chemistry: Contents of the material, color, changes observed during processing & storage, flavor of the food stuff.
• Biology: Micro-organism growth, post harvest storage, spoilage, food Poisoning
• Engineering: Processing Technology, packaging, mixing.
• Nutrition: Health and safety issues, labels.

Food Technology Conference aims at bringing scientific and industrial community together from various sectors of the domain. The other bodies which can participate along with the food sector include Fisheries, Animal Production and Health and Plant Production. Modern food technology methods and related research in the area is the highlight of the conference. Organizations such as FAO, UNICEF and WHO and certain other
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