Food Vs Mood : The Nutritional Awareness Of College Students

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Francisco Velasquez Psych Stats 212 Professor Ronquillo Food VS Mood Eating a variety of healthy foods is one way to help you smile when you step on the scale or into the world, and modifying your diet to include more mood-enhancing foods can also help you maintain that cheery attitude. A healthy diet isn 't a cure for clinical depression or mood disorders, however making better choices can ultimately effect the way you feel. My favorite comfort food is chipotle, and I like nothing better than a bowl of rice and steak. Chipotle is a well-known franchise that has always been known for its integrity and fresh foods. Recently after finding that one of its providers did meet to the company standards chipotle had to let them go but in doing…show more content…
It pops up a lot in campus conversation, and new students swear it won 't happen to them. Yet, when summer vacation rolls around next year, many will be buying their jeans a size or two larger. This researcher thinks living on campus (leads to) higher weight gain rates, because you don 't have your mom cooking dinner and healthy meals for you. Campus dining is a problem - there aren 't many healthy options. Attending college for the first time represents a huge lifestyle shift that can result in the sort of 'sneaking ' weight gain students barely notice at first. Oftentimes, they don 't recognize the changes that are going to occur. There are two things that often add to the problem: Their activity level drops - if they were in a sport and don 't continue that sport in college, they 're going to see weight gain if their food intake stays the same. Furthermore, they 're taking in the social scene, increasing food and beverage intake and to make matters worse, hectic schedules and late-night studying can mean losing track of body rhythms, eating according to convenience instead of appetite. Students will eat whatever is fast and available. Before stating my hypothesis I had an idea of how it was going to turn out. In theory, it sounds as if college students would be more likely to choose a healthier alternative of living a healthier life. For my survey I sampled a group of 45 participants, mainly
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