Food Vs Mood : The Nutritional Awareness Of College Students

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Francisco Velasquez
Psych Stats 212
Professor Ronquillo
Food VS Mood Eating a variety of healthy foods is one way to help you smile when you step on the scale or into the world, and modifying your diet to include more mood-enhancing foods can also help you maintain that cheery attitude. A healthy diet isn 't a cure for clinical depression or mood disorders, however making better choices can ultimately effect the way you feel. My favorite comfort food is chipotle, and I like nothing better than a bowl of rice and steak.
Chipotle is a well-known franchise that has always been known for its integrity and fresh foods. Recently after finding that one of its providers did meet to the company standards chipotle had to let them go but in doing so created a trend for now being GMO free.
In many studies it has been stated that college age students are more likely to pick up a few pounds during their stint in school. The research conducted in this study will be used to determine the nutritional awareness of college students. In this study females will be compared to males to determine if there is a difference in the their levels of nutritional awareness. Initially the researcher thought that female group would have higher nutritional awareness than that of the male group. Although females scored higher on some of the questions asked, the researcher found that there was no particular difference between the two groups in regards to nutritional awareness. Weight gain is so common…
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