Food Wastage

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Food Wastage At the moment, it is hard to tell whether the world has sufficient food supplies or not.Most of developed countries claim to have people who are still not able to access food while at the same time, still report of more food wastage than the third world, developing nations. That indicates a big mishap in the food cycle as it so happens that most of the food either finds itself in the dumpster or on the plates of the very rich. China, USA, Canada, South Eastern Asia, and Europe have been amongst the countries hit by this storm of food wasting. While Britain is said to be throwing away about thirteen pounds of food per week, Canada is struggling with same problem. The United States is not spared either. Food and Agriculture…show more content…
Beijing stands out as an innovative place. As such, there is recycling of food scraps there. Here, the do garbage sorting. The sorted garbage is returned to the soil for reproduction. Reports in 2012 talked of 50% effective sorting as having had taken place in Beijing. Also, various organizations are trying to make sure that less food go to waste. Here, other than collecting of food scrap, China could think of ways in which it can collect food and make it into compost. Other than making of compost it would be vital to reduce foods at various joints such as school cafeterias so that less goes to waste. Many people ought to be educated of the situation at hand so that they too can try their hand on trying to save. Creation of a saving culture will see to the institution of a system where people use less cash on food stuff and only buy what they want (Yau, 2013). Here, education seems to be the best bet and people can, as well, try to donate the extra that they would use on food to the poor: after all, the wasted food can feed all of them and still have more than seventy million people to feed as excess. Education is vital since it does not only lessen the waste, but it also make sure that less cash is used on things that end up being thrown into a dump. The money can be used on more important ventures such as personal development (Yau, 2013; Tang, 2013)). Food Waste in Canada Canada boasts
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