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Abundance, a factor that leads to people not appreciating what they have so they throw it out. Even though, food is a scarcity of some countries, there is a plethora of food in America. Yet, food is a prevalent waste item in the United States. When people become comfortable and learn that they will have everything to live comfortably they don’t fully appreciate the little things. An example is when people do not appreciate the taste of a certain food in America they throw it away or ask for it to be redone, where it is later thrown out. Few people stop to think how this will affect both the world and the government’s economy. Food waste, a specific highly critical issue in America resulting from the abundance of food. Waste is created when…show more content…
Most people that buy food from this nation’s abundant supply end up paying for foods that lands them in the hospital. Blanca, a mother of three that receives food stamps from the government to receive food, states that since she and her children eat foods full of preservatives they are suffering from “early on-set diabetes” and obesity (“How the Food Stamp Diet Is Leaving the Rio Grande Valley Both Hungry and Obese”). Though food may be abundant it does not have to also be healthy or good for the society. Not only does abundance lead to a decrease in health but also in the environment.
Throughout the years, citizens have continued to throw out food that is seen as unnecessary. The United States Environmental Agency, or the EPA, created a website that acknowledges both the dangers and the solutions to the problem of food waste I America. The EPA states that “Every year in the United States, approximately 31% (133 billion pounds) of the overall food supply is wasted, which impacts food security, resource conservation, and contributes to the 18% of total U.S. methane emissions that come from landfills” (“America's Food Waste Problem”). The effects of people throwing their food into landfills instead of composting it is causing the environment to worsen. This could affect the cleanliness of the water and the atmosphere around the world. With our waters in

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